Skin Care, Bath Products, Jewellery and Candle Manufacturing Company, UK

‘Kingdom Kreations is a British manufacturing company that produces silver jewellery, soya candles, as well as perfumes and bath products such as handmade soaps and bath bombs’

Kingdom Kreations prides itself in producing quality products for wholesalers and retailers. Our products are perfect for the home or to be given as gifts! We work with wholesalers or retailers only (large or small), so please register to open an account today.

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Natural hair conditioning bar

Natural hair conditioning bar

Introducing Kingdom Kreations' latest innovation conditioning bar for hair - the ultimate natural hair conditioning bar, plastic-free, vegan, and cruelty-free conditioning hair bar designed to transform your haircare routine. Specifically formulated conditioning bar...

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Conditioning bar for hair

Conditioning bar for hair

Introducing Kingdom Kreations' latest innovation is conditioning hair bar - the conditioning bar for hair all-natural, plastic-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. conditioning bar for curly hair is the best hair conditioning bars designed to revolutionize your hair care...

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Conditioning bar for curly hair

Conditioning bar for curly hair

Introducing Kingdom Kreations' latest innovation - a range of all-natural, plastic-free, vegan, and cruelty-free conditioning best hair conditioning bars designed to transform your hair care routine. Specifically formulated conditioning bar for curly hair, these...

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Beautiful bath bombs

Beautiful bath bombs, scented and natural too with Lavender Seeds and Rose Petals on some of them, a real luxury and I love the Tea Tree and Lavender soap too. Great natural and vegan soaps, thank you!!! Lovely package and quick delivery!


Simply Elegancy Shop

Amazing products, fast turn around, my customers will love these!


Drop of the Ocean Shop

So beautiful will be buying again! Not 1 negative comment, the produce is fantastic and the communication from seller great too


Forget Me Not Eco Shop

Really lovely products, excellent customer service, will definitely buy again. Excellent products, gorgeous smells, completely natural and eco packaging.


Our products

Our products are all handmade, naturally crafted for home, beauty and the gift industry.

Kingdom Kreations was born out of a love for making things by hand but that was different to everyday craft items one can pick up from the market or from a shop. Firstly, all products are handmade, they are made in the UK helping local people get jobs!

Everyone appreciates something that is handmade as they know it is unique as no handmade product can ever be exactly the same and they appreciate the time and effort it has taken to make each item.

So we have a love for silver jewelry and use many gemstones such as Amythyst or Citrine. We also like to use fresh water pearls also in many products we make so there is a variety for those that like different types of jewelry to wear.

Finaly, we also like to have fun making soaps, bath salts and bath bombs! Many have given testimonies of using our bath soaps and how these have helped in their eczema and other skin conditions and the reason being is because they are all natural products!

So we hope as you browse through the website, you will find products that will inspire you as much as we have felt inspired in making them.