Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products all made in the UK?

YES, definitely all our products are made in the UK apart from packages i.e., boxes

Do you use plastic in your products?

We try as far as possible to minimize the use of plastic in our products

Are all your products handmade?

YES, all products we produce are handmade in the UK giving local people jobs

Are your products tested on animals?

Never, no products we handmade are tested on animals

Are your products vegan?

Most of our products are vegan

Are your products certified by UK chemists?

Absolutely, we would never sell any beauty, bath or skincare product that has not been checked by a chemist and certified that it is fine to sell.

Would you recommend a patch test?

Yes, we would always recommend a patch test to ensure your skin can tolerate the product. However, we try our best to use wherever possible natural ingredients and always within the required quantity.

What are your payment terms?

Once an order has been placed, we will not process it until full payment has been made. Alternatively, please discuss with HOKODO and they will make the payment for you and you will have 30 days to pay them.

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Yes we do, please contact us for carriage prices

Is this a trade only website?

YES, anyone wishing to have an account with us would need to complete information about their business or company once their information has been reviewed.