Kingdom Kreationswill send you an email to acknowledge receipt of your order. Receipt of your credit or debit card details and debit of payments does not constitute our acceptance of your order.

Our acceptance of your order takes place upon dispatch of the goods to you at which point the purchase contract is made. We reserve the right to decline your order for any reason whatsoever and to refuse bulk orders. If we do so we will contact you and will refund in full such payments which have been made in relation to the cancelled/declined order.

Where a choice of design is available we reserve the right to supply alternative product due to stock availability. We will however always endeavour to contact and advise in this circumstance.

Please note that we do not consider any dent/crush or imperfection to any packaging or display box as legitimate cause for a credit to be issued. In the event of damaged outer packaging and display boxes, Kingdom Kreationsreserves the right to issue a credit or refund for up to a maximum of 10% of the product value.

When we pick and process orders we endeavour to ensure that the best box/packaging available is picked and sent out.

Unless the actual product is damaged then no claim will be entertained for damage to the product box/packaging.

We always pack orders using plenty of shredded packing material to alleviate damages in transit but ultimately cannot be held responsible for damage to product boxes/packaging