White Label More Info

FREE label design by a professional in-house graphics designer with Kingdom Kreations

Promote your own company with a full colour photo quality imaging label, we do not show that this was done by us on any of your labels.

Custom white labelling with a minimum of 10 units per product to help you start your business.

All manufactured in-house so no out-sourcing, we are in complete control from concept to shipping from here in the UK.

All our products listed at wholesale price with your own shop labels giving you the best opportunities to promote your VERY OWN BRAND! FREE label design, barcode and consultation too !!!

Kingdom Kreations will print and label all your products.

Information we need to proceed with your white label products.

Free to set you up your label and a minimum of 10 units per order. A minimum of 10 of the same product is required.

We need your logo, address, website and email. We will put the batch number and save it on our database as well as a BBE Date (if required for 7 years).

We will purchase a barcode for your product – this is all included at no additional cost.

Private Labels with Kingdom Kreations

If you have or do not have a formula of the product then we can work with you to make the product from start to finish and get a qualified Safety Assessor that we have worked with to look at the formula and for it to gain the CPSR – this will be in consultation with you and design your product from start to finish including assistance in label design. We will then help you to make your own PIF and notify the UK government of the product you have made as this is a legal requirement. However, the fees will be different to the White Label solution. Please contact us for further details.