Bath/Massage Body Oil Rose

Barcode : 684910992039
Ingredients List : Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Polysorbate 80, Vitamin E, Essential Oils
Country of Origin : Made in the UK
Dimensions : Glass Bottle with Aluminium Screw Lid
Net Weight : 100ml



Bath/Message Body Oil Rose : Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Polysorbate 80, Vitamin E, Essential Oils

Indulge in Luxury: Embrace the Delicate Scent of Rose with Our Bath and Body Oil


Experience the opulence of our Rose Bath and Body Oil, meticulously crafted to provide a luxurious and sensory-rich escape. With the delicate and enchanting essence of rose, this exquisite oil offers a moment of indulgence and sensory delight. In this article, we explore the unique qualities of our bath and body oil, designed to promote relaxation and elevate your bathing and massage ritual.

Rose: A Floral Symphony of Luxury

Celebrated for its luxurious and enchanting properties, rose is known for its ability to create a sense of indulgence and elegance. Its delicate and captivating aroma creates an opulent ambiance, allowing you to embrace a moment of luxury and pampering. The infusion of rose in our bath and body oil aims to provide you with a lavish and rejuvenating experience, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of sensory delight and inner tranquility.

Crafting Your Rejuvenating Ritual: Using Our Message Body Oil

  1. Bath: Add a few drops of the Rose Oil to your bathwater for a luxurious and aromatic bathing experience.
  2. Massage: Warm the oil in your hands and gently massage it into your skin for a pampering and nourishing massage experience, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.
  3. Relax and Unwind: Allow the comforting fragrance of the oil to stimulate your senses and promote a sense of inner peace and tranquility, immersing yourself in a moment of luxurious self-care and well-being.


Our Rose Bath and Body Oil is meticulously designed to provide you with a luxurious and indulgent bathing and massage experience. With the enchanting essence of rose, this oil invites you to transform your self-care routine into a sanctuary of opulence and comfort. Elevate your bathing and massage experience with our unique blend, and let the captivating scent of rose envelop your senses, creating a moment of indulgent relaxation and inner rejuvenation.

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