Handmade jewellery refers to jewellery pieces that are crafted by Kingdom Kreations in the United Kingdom which offers symbols, themes, or messages. These jewellery items are created with attention to detail for individuals who wear them.

Here are some examples of our Handmade jewellery collection:

Cross Necklaces: Cross necklaces are popular Christian jewellery pieces. They feature a cross pendant, which is a symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. These necklaces are made using 995 pure silver.

Ichthys (Fish) Bracelets: The Ichthys symbol, also known as the fish symbol, is an early Christian symbol. Handmade bracelets featuring the Ichthys symbol are crafted using materials like beads, cords, or metal charms. These bracelets can serve as reminders of faith and Christian identity.

Scripture Verse Pendants: Handcrafted pendants featuring engraved or stamped words are another type of jewellery. They allow individuals to wear their favourite words close to their hearts.

Angel Earrings: Angel-themed earrings are often handmade using materials like silver or gold. These earrings depict angels or angel wings, symbolizing heavenly protection and guidance.

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